Monday, August 21, 2006


In Sydney we hosted a festival of judging hearings before a Jury Chaired by Kinky Industries Magazine editor Patsi da Gorgonzola and including CBC TV's Ronny Revell, Jonica Grey and Ian Oak-Beever, Dr Cornelia Torturesch, guest Romanian filmmaker Victor Puntz, National Grammophone's Diamanda Fearr and Damian Eavil of the TIRaN.

Your cd AMORE was awarded by our jury with the AWARD OF THE GOLDEN STIGMA.

I want to send a big congratulations to all of the guys behind this cd. It was really well received by our audience, and our Jury Chair Patsi da Gorgonzola especially loved the way you drew out the human story behind the sound.

We have a trophy to send - just confirming I am sending it to Spectre - po box 88 - 2020 Antwerp - Belgium

Once again, many thanks for taking part in our festival, and congratulations.




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Voorwaar : waarheid.

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